The Practical Guide to Clinical Communication with Patients Available for Download

Dear students of Medical Czech,

On our website you can find a new material by MUDr. Jan Brož from the Internal Medicine Clinic of the Second Faculty of Medicine, which was prepared in collaboration with Barbora Makešová and reviewed by M.D. Marisa Nunes.

The Practical Guide to Clinical Communication with Patients in the Czech Language is a set of questions from propaedeutics and a guideline, which will help you in taking an anamnesis in Czech. The guide follows the natural steps in a clinical internal examination and also contains an example of a medical record. We recommend the material to everyone who is learning professional Czech and is preparing for the Czech language exam at the end of the third year. However, it can serve senior students in the study of clinical subjects and contact with patients, and can also be used by Czech students going abroad for internships in English-speaking countries. The material can be downloaded here.

Vytvořeno: 20. 5. 2022 / Upraveno: 21. 6. 2022 / Odpovědná osoba: Mgr. Petr Andreas, Ph.D.