For students of the Master's degree program General Medicine in English, Czech is an essential theoretical subject in the first three years of study.

During their studies at the faculty, they are confronted with patients every day and language is an important condition for mastering their scholarly subjects.

Czech language education as a whole is focused on hospital work; our goal is to educate students so that in their third year of studies they will be able to review a patient's medical history without a problem, communicate and work with the Czech staff of the hospital, and work with Czech-language medical documentation.

Czech courses are separated into two phases: after the first three semesters, students should be able to handle general language, basic grammar, and vocabulary. This section is concluded by a test at the end of the winter semester of the second year. The next three semesters are dedicated to specialized medical Czech and are finished by an exam at the end of the third year, held in an authentic environment during a visit to a patient.

In the third year, the teaching of Czech is closely integrated with the teaching of clinical propaedeutic and it is attended by physicians from the Motol University Hospital.

Exam and Credit requirements, Study material, Literature and Syllabus of individual subjects:

Czech I.

Czech II.

Czech IIA

Czech IIB

Czech III

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